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Women in Business club launch at the London Business School

Last night I went back on campus for the launch event of the Women in Business Club at the London Business School. It was great to be back and meet all the great women from the MBA class of 2013. I went there along with two other female alumnae to talk about careers in sales and trading, and after us two impressive entrepreneurs from the MBA class of 2011 talked about their newly launched fashion start-up, The Fold London. They design and sell fashionable work clothes for high flying women, I loved it (they also have a facebook page)!

After our presentations, we went over to the dining hall for champagne and canapes, and most imporantly, networking. I met a lot of impressive women who were happy to meet a female trader and see it can be done. They loved hearing success stories from women who have done it, be it making it in investment banking or launching your own business, and their enthusiasm about our stories showed me why there is such a need for this blog. I think I am not the only woman in business who is thrilled by the opportunities out there and impressed by all the great women entrepreneurs and business women out there nowadays.

One highlight was to meet a former McKinsey analyst trying to escape from the consulting world. I definitely recommended her to consider a career change as she seemed to be unhappy with her life at McKinsey for all the reasons that I left. At least for me, there hasn’t been a day that I regretted leaving management consulting. In fact, for much of the first two years after leaving, I thanked God almost every day that I left. I met some other ex-consultants from other firms and it definitely seemed like a lot of them were looking for alternatives.

Another highlight was to meet a Chinese girl who used to be an avid reader of my old MBA blog and she was very surprised and happy to get to talk to me in person finally. It’s amazing how those posts I wrote while I worked at McKinsey and did my MBA at London Business School are still read by hundreds of MBA students around the world 5-6 years on. It definitely shows that it was worth documenting my experiences at the time, although to be honest I enjoyed writing them so I would have done it anyway, even without readers. But if it was helpful for those applying to business school or looking for jobs in consulting or banking, I am very happy to have helped.

I also got to have two glasses of champagne, which is very rare for me these days as I don’t go out much since I had a baby, and was able to catch up with the other bankers who presented on what’s going on inside the banks these days, lots of volatility and uncertainty obviously. I am wishing the MBA class of 2013 lots of success in their summer job search, and hopefully by the time they graduate the worst of the debt crisis is over.

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  • Sherene November 18, 2011, 9:17 PM

    Oh, I didn’t realise it was you at the WiB kick-off event…would have loved to come by and say hi :)
    Sherene recently posted..Damned if we do…My Profile

    • High Flying Ladies
      Twitter: ueberfliegernet
      November 22, 2011, 10:39 AM

      Hi Sherene, looks like I had to go in disguise as I went on behalf of my employer :-). Keep enjoying LBS!

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