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IBM Names Ginni Rometty as First Female CEO

Great news for women in business! This is a very high profile appointment. Ginni Rometty will be IBM’s first female CEO in its 100 years history. She previously headed sales, marketing and strategy at the company.

Full news report here.

There is an interesting discussion on the Huffington Post on the increasing number of Women CEOs in recent years. Is it going to make workplaces better for women? Are the women CEOs actually going to wield their feminine powers to transform their organizations to improve work-life balance and meritocracy? I would hope so, but I would not want to put additional demands on women in leadership positions. It seems like when they don’t reach the top, women are told they are not assertive and outspoken enough, and as soon as they do, they are told they are too bossy and authoritarian.

Let’s just let them be CEOs for the moment. Let’s just say well done Ginni Rometty, and you show them!

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