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Meet Karen Finerman, $400m hedge fund manager

Just stumbled upon this excellent and in-depth profile of hedge fund founder and investor Karen Finerman in the Guardian. She is CEO of the hedge fund Metropolitan Capital Advisors. Why they had to put this into their LIFE & STYLE section rather than their finance section, I don’t understand. It is a very interesting read nevertheless, and has a list of more women who’ve made it to the top in the finance world at the bottom.

I am not sure why Karen Finerman wasn’t included in the 2011 list of 50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds – particularly because that list contains A LOT of women who aren’t actually hedge fund managers – but I recommend you read the interview. I especially enjoyed the part where she talks about how she got started:

[quote]‘When I was 15 years old I read an article about Ivan Boesky, the well-known takeover trader – turned out years later it was all on inside information! But before that came to light he was very successful, very flamboyant. And I thought, “This is what I want to do”. So I’m 15 years old, I decide I’m going to Wall Street. And I apply only to the Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania. I was obsessed with making money.’ Why? ‘It seemed like a good thing to have!’ She laughs.[/quote]

For those hoping to read that it is easy to combine managing millions and having children, they may be surprised to read that she employs a whopping FOUR nannies to help take care of her four children. That’s the highest number of nannies I have ever heard of!

Turns out she is a contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money Program, where you can catch her, and there is a keynote speech she did on youtube for those who want to hear more from her. It is not so much on the specifics on finance but more on the category of women and personal finance, but interesting nonetheless to see her in action:

but before that… if you are interested in working for a hedge fund, make sure you read my guide to hedge fund careers.


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