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Impressive and inspirational 35 women under 35

Just found this list of 35 women under 35 at Management Today and am so impressed and inspired by these ladies. Many of them are former bankers/consultants/lawyers gone entrepreneurs, others are young ambitious women who have risen to very high positions at ebay/google/bskyb, managing hundreds of people.

It just got me thinking again is that there is too much talk of how women are achieving less than men in the workplace, and I really think we should talk much more about how many great things women are doing and achieving nowadays. Let’s celebrate our success! Women are much too modest and don’t like to boast, and I think that’s a big reason why we don’t hear about all the fantastically successful women out there.

Have you heard of STEPHANIE NIVEN, 27, for example? She’s one of the women on the list:

After taking a double first in history at Oxford in 2005, Niven joined Goldman Sachs, becoming an investment analyst. Four years later she left to help set up Majedie Investments-backed Javelin Capital, a hedge fund with assets of £157m, where she’s the portfolio manager in charge of almost half of returns.

Or have you heard of LIZ MCCARTHY, 34?

In 2008, McCarthy co-founded Audacity, a communications agency which counts BT, Malibu and Unilever as clients. It now has billings of over £25m.

A woman in her early thirties founding a £25m a year business in the UK and we never even heard of her? Please go through the list and read what these fantastic ladies are doing to get inspired. Don’t listen to the people who tell you that you can’t achieve amazing things.

The list shows that women can achieve amazing things in corporations and banks, but I think they can do even more amazing things when they have the confidence to go out and launch their own business. I hope it inspires you!

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